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If you don't see a question that you want to ask below, please reach us at meatface@siren.mobi.

What is Meatface?
The entire interface of many popular dating apps is designed to objectify users for easy swiping. Meatface is a campaign to make that swipe-to-reject meat market interface literal. Just take a MeatFace selfie on this site and set it as your dating app profile picture. Changing your profile to a MeatFace even for a day reclaims personal agency: the only time people should look at you like a piece of meat is if you choose it.

How do we want things to change?
MeatFace is absurdist but at its core we are calling for a shift towards quality social interaction. We recognize that Tinder and other superficial dating apps aren't inherently bad-- but we’d argue the interaction they afford is not exactly dating. And yet the swipe paradigm has become so synonymous with online dating as a whole that in our minds it tends to subsume all the other, very real, options available.

Who made MeatFace?
MeatFace is a bicoastal collaboration between Siren, a dating app based in Seattle, and Hello Velocity, a creative studio in New York. Both companies were founded by artists to breathe new life into their respective fields.

Siren is the first dating app based on getting to know new people through conversation, the way you would in real life.

Hello Velocity is an experimental marketing studio that looks to prompt discussion and inject ideas into culture.

How can people get involved?
Take a Meatface Selfie and share it! While we would love to see our MeatFaces flood online dating sites as profile pictures, our main goal is to open a conversation about objectification and online dating. We want to see MeatFaces on Twitter and Facebook, screenshots of Meatface Tinder conversations, or even just your reactions to the campaign and how our online dating profiles can be #MoreThanMeat.

Why meat? Why faces?
The snap judgements swiping forces upon us are frequently made based on a headshot. That system encourages us to market ourselves like window-display products-- we optimize lighting, angles, and backgrounds. Stripped of actual interaction, our human faces become nothing more than meat behind glass, to be assessed on the quality of their presentation.

Were any animals harmed?
Only humans, on a subtle, psychological level, constantly in our existing online-dating landscape.

Will this affect the way people swipe for me on dating apps?
Individual results may vary. MeatFaces are remarkably good conversation pieces. That said, if you are interested in the #MoreThanMeat cause, but don’t want to jeopardize your dating game, please just post on social media instead!

Just remember, swipe-based dating apps turn you into meat, and there are other options out there.